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Published on 11/30/2012

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Nature's Gold Gel Caps



We are celebrating our 17th anniversary since the introduction of this wonderful and amazing little pearl of a gel cap. Hundreds of people have been using Nature’s Gold gel caps, the reports have been very positive. Diverticulitis, Crohn's Disease, Constipation, blocked lower bowel, these are a few of the conditions that the gel cap have helped people with.


Now lets talk about the cholesterol, as proven in the patent. Nature's Gold will lower the LDL cholesterol and raise the HDL [good cholesterol], and speed up the metabolism [more energy]. Of course when you speed up the metabolism, you will see a weight reduction [providing you are at a neutral weight gain scenario prior to taking the gel cap].


One of the Patent claims [which was proven] Emu oil will help fight off flu and cold symptoms, we are happy to report that this is a fact. Several people have noticed this side effect; these same people waived their flu shot this past season. All have indicated positive results and have had excellent health.


As indicated in the patent; menstrual irregularity is a problem many women suffer from.  Some women have stated, even though their tubes have been tied and they don't plan on enlarging the family, they still take the birth control pills to regulate their menstrual cycle. We are happy to say that the Nature's Gold gel cap will help regulate the menstrual cycle, keeping that unwanted surprise from occurring.


Let’s talk energy; you have a wonderful surprise coming when you take the gel cap: Your energy level will rise up to 60 %.

 Always start the regime of the pill on a split, twice a day dosage, taking one in the A.M. [with or without food] Take the second gel cap with your mid-day meal. Allowing the body to adjust to the 171 amino acids.

         On the fourth or fifth day you will experience much more energy, as time goes on you will notice since of smelling, hearing, and taste and sight improvements. After the fourth day, start taking both gel caps in the morning. The gel cap has about a ten-hour effect, so respect the strength of these gel caps; taken later, means sleep loss.

            There are approximately fifteen gel caps being marketed at present, ranging from 350-1200 mg. Our gel cap has 160 mg.,  [some people can only take one gel cap per day] The oil we produce has 4-35 times more effective amino acids than other Emu Oil. The dosage is based on USRDA; the individual's body indicates the dosage. Each one of us has different needs, they very from person to person. Being that the oil is all-natural and contains essential fatty acids, it can only mean health improvement. The gel cap will not interfere with prescribed medication; it may enhance other medicines allowing lowered dosage.


To my knowledge Fatty Acid Distribution Tests indicate that the Emu Oil produced by Tripple G is more potent than any oil being encapsulated. The size is based on potency. We are proud of the fact that we make a small gel cap, little in size with a very large response.




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