Emu Oil Nightshade

Published on 11/30/2012

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New Age in the Botanical Concepts for Better Health


            Cosmetics are used in one form or another by almost everyone.  While contemplating the products we could produce, I decided to combine the Botanicals into our products;  A two-for-one effect, why not?  Topically applying the botanicals for the desired results, the Emu Oil’s ability to penetrate would accomplish delivery.  Oral delivery of medication is commonplace, and has a limited range.  The chemical process of digestion is not very efficient when it comes to quick introduction of medication.  The amounts of medication are increased, because the digestion dilutes the medication’s effect.


            Skin patches are used in motion sickness control; nicotine patches are used to control the urge for smoking.  Manufacturers could deliver almost all medication in the form of a skin patch.  The reason they do not is cost.  The cost of a media vehicle to make penetration of the skin possible is prohibitive.  It is much less expensive to increase the dosage and introduce the medication orally.


            With the help of Emu Oil it is possible for us to achieve deep penetration; within seven seconds we can reach the blood stream.  The Emu Oil will also carry larger components, allowing us to deliver natural components into the system, giving the individual beneficial treatment direct to the afflicted area, and in a very efficient manner.


            This product is recommended for use in fading age spots, and can be used for makeup base and moisturizing.







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