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Published on 11/30/2012

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The Omega Connection 11


Let me expound on The Omega Connection. There are many that really don't understand the scheme of things.

I read a book titled the Mote in God's Eye. Science fiction, basically the way it really is. Origins of our specie, are we an accidental result of curiosity? Let me make it clear, there are no accidents or coincidences. We are part of a plan, a plan that has no ending. The first half of my life I lived for myself, I was busy with military and education. I realized that time was short, and I knew there was more than what appeared. I guess I was waiting for the computer age, now the computer is the last chance for man to fully understand. No longer is it required a study at university, once you master the computer skills there is nothing holding you back, all knowledge is right there up front and in your face. Let me condense it down a bit. There only two choices Evolutionism or Creationism.


Darwin should have stayed home; the Galapagos island trip short circuited his approach to understanding what he was seeing. Darwin, like most people, had a lot of tragedy in his life his addiction to cocaine, and loss of his daughter I’m sure played an important role in the way he perceived.

Science is a wonderful tool of understanding, if the facts are skewed the science is incorrect. Scientist of notoriety back each other [ share the full cup principle ], kind of like hunting dogs. The lead dog locks in on point, the rest of the younger dogs back up the point. The older dog may be wrongfully pointing, but the younger dogs are honoring the old dog out of respect. In the end ones expounding on another’s interpretation, places both in error. Society plays into this principle as well, at certain times in history a hero is needed. Darwin fit the ticket, the whole world is still muttering his crazy thoughts.


Look if you think you climbed out of the slime, and became a living, talking, thinking man. Your probably hung up on what came first the chicken our the egg? No mysteries here, you were created. Created for one thing, for the pleasure of the creator. We are all Part of royal family that is waiting to be judged, either good faithful and serving. Or to be judged unworthy and destroyed. No fence riders here, either good or bad, you will be judged. Don’t be left wanting.


The Mayan Indians with their accuracy of creating a calendar that cannot be duplicated, from the beginning to the end of days. Only in error of 33 seconds. Marking the events of importance with such numbing accuracy. Let me make reference to the recent earthquake and tsunamis that occurred in Japan. Not only did this tragedy occur, time was changed. The earth slowed down, the influence of one planet aligned just right was the cause. The 2012 prediction is predicting an alignment that places all the planets aligned. Not to mention a planet that was never known [ 10th ] , we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Pay attention to the heavens and the predicted changes. We are about to experience changes for the first time. Make your stand, + or -, then live your choice.



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